3 Reasons You Need To Do Pay Per Call Marketing

At RingPartner, we believe in the power of Pay Per Call marketing. However, telling you it's a great tool for your marketing approach and providing you with proof to back it up are two different things. BIA/Kelsey has predicted that calls to businesses on mobile phones will reach or surpass 169 billion annually by 2020. Do you really think you can afford to miss out on your piece of that pie?! We didn't think so, and that's why in this blog post we're going to look at three simple reasons you need to be using Pay Per Call for your business.

5 Effective Online Marketing Tactics for Small Service Businesses

As a small business, you probably don't have deep pockets for marketing and advertising efforts. A lot of the money you bring in goes to covering the pay for yourself and/or your staff, and taking care of expenses related to invoicing, supplies, and other business essentials. If you're marketing on a budget, here's five effective online marketing tools that might be a perfect fit for your small business in the service industry.

Tight Budget? Three Ways To Promote Your Business

For small businesses and startups, marketing is always a challenge because the cash flow of a young business is usually unreliable at best. The slow trickle of cash makes it difficult for some of these companies to effectively market their brand, but not impossible. Follow these three strategies for marketing your business, regardless of the size of your budget.

Getting to Know Programmatic Search and How It Benefits Your Business

Getting to Know Programmatic Search and How It Benefits Your Business

The marketing world is ripe for new buzzwords to catch on as new concepts are adopted on a regular basis to help business capitalize on consumer behavior. Programmatic search is a term you may or may not have heard of at this point. The rise of programmatic search in marketing conversations is directly related to the immense growth of programmatic advertising, which generated 20% of all online ad revenue last year according to PwC and IAB. So, what is programmatic search, and how could it benefit your business?

Three Easy Strategies To Optimize Your Pay Per Call Campaign

Three Easy Strategies To Optimize Your Pay Per Call Campaign

Pay Per Call campaigns are a great marketing tool for any sized business, but it is not a set-it-and-forget-it option. Like any other marketing tool, you have to be willing and able to put in the work required to fine tune and optimize your Pay Per Call campaigns to ensure they are achieve the desired outcome at the end of the day. Here's 3 easy strategies you can implement at any time.

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Home Service Providers

Companies, big or small, that provide home services are most concerned with where their company lands on search engine results pages (SERPs). Landing "above the fold" on SERPs can mean the difference between a steady flow of inquiries and relative obscurity on the web. Here's four digital marketing tips that are geared toward improving the visibility of your home service company. From roofers and HVAC to lawn care and electricians, these tips will help your business immensely!

How To Optimize Your Mobile Ad Campaigns

How To Optimize Your Mobile Ad Campaigns

As a small business, you only have so much money to devote to your advertising campaigns. At RingPartner, we've discussed in numerous blog posts the importance of mobile advertising, both in its own right and as part of a wider campaign for marketing that includes tools such as Pay Per Call. However, some 25% of mobile ad spending by businesses is wasted due to a lack of optimization with mobile ads. Here's some tips to help you optimize your mobile ads to increase revenue by driving more valuable conversions.

Tips For Starting Out In Pay Per Call Marketing

Tips For Starting Out In Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay per call can be incredibly effective for brands and financially rewarding for publishers. If you are new to pay per call marketing it’s worth taking the time to optimize and find what’s going to work best for you. In RingPartner’s early days, I personally managed campaigns and know firsthand that optimization and patience pays off in the long run. Looking back, here are a few of the things that I wish I had known when I first started in pay per call marketing:

Improving The Customer Experience

If you've heeded our many calls to try out Pay Per Call for your business, hopefully by now you're reaping the rewards with more calls to your business and greater conversion rates. By now you're also probably aware that Pay Per Call can help you capture some of the estimated 162 billion callsUS businesses will receive annually by 2019, and allows you to take advantage of the roughly 61% of mobile searches on smartphones that end a call to a business.

Just getting a phone call isn't enough to ensure your business will convert that lead to a paying customer. How can you improve on the customer experience over the phone with the help of Pay Per Call data?

Mobile Marketing Insights Gained In 2016

There's no shortage of proof that the smartphone has changed not just the lifestyle and consuming habits of American shoppers, but those of consumers around the globe. As of 2016, 47% of the Earth's population, roughly 3.4 billion people, owned a smartphone. By 2016 the world is expected to cross the 50% majority mark when some 600 million new users come online.

Estimates for smartphone saturation by 2020 state that some 80% of the population will own a smartphone. With literally billions of people out there for your business to connect to, what actionable mobile marketing tips should you know from this point forward in 2016?

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