Does Google Hate You? Pay Per Call Tip of the Week - May 17 2013


Tip of the Week:

Start with a one-page landing page! Yes, I said a one-page landing page. In a webinar I recently listened to a Google employee stated that they will not penalize you for having a one-page landing page. So, when you want to test out a campaign, simply create a basic one-page landing page to test. Then, when the campaign shows potential you can build a more in depth site.

Top Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • iYogi Tech Support Pay Per Call - Virus Removal
  • Livelinks Pay Per Call - Dating
  • Auto Insurance Bundle Pay Per Call Auto Insurance

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New Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • Comcast Pay Per Call - Cable and Internet
  • Reverse Mortgage Pay Per Call
  • PBG Health Insurance - Pay Per Call

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Mike Williams

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