Webinar: Increasing Your Conversions Through Call Treatments

RingPartner is very excited to bring you our fifth edition of the Guest Lecturer Webinar, featuring the best call platform in the world, Invoca! Our guest Amalia Beckmann will join host Henry Skey to discuss how clients can increase conversions through effective call treatments.

As a Senior Customer Success Manager, Amalia has a vast knowledge of how best to optimize campaigns, alter IVRs and verify zip codes all in the name of getting more value out of your calls. Topics discussed will include:

  • What is a call treatment?
  • Verifying Zip Codes
  • Filtering conditions
  • Bundles
  • And more!

It's everything you need to know about call treatments in one webinar. Don't miss out, sign up here and join host Henry Skey and guest Amalia Beckmann this Tuesday, May 17th at 11:00am PST.

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